1968 Circle 36 Circle Certificate “Across the Lake”
Circle A/US Circle Certificate “Harbour Relief”

1971 Circle 36 H/C “Glass Design”

1973 Circle 36 Circle Certificate “Magic Light” LEIGHTON HERDSON TROPHY
Circle 36 H/C “Silver & Gold”

1976 Circle 36 H/C “Emerging”

1977 Circle 8 Circle Certificate “Ascending”

1978 Circle 8 Circle Certificate “Riding on the Beach”
Circle 8 H/C “Water Ballet”
Circle 36 H/C “May safely graze”
Circle A/Aust H/C The arrival”

1979 Circle 8 Circle Certificate “Groups”
Circle 8 H/C “Kick-off”

1981 Circle 36 H/C “L’Ancresse Fisherman”
1986 Circle 36 H/C “Force 6”
Circle 36 H/C Winter Field”
Circle 36 H/C Sand Sculpture

1989 Circle 36 H/C “Puffin and catch”
Circle 36 H/C “Centre, Counterpoint

1991 Circle 36 Certificate “Shafts of light” LEIGHTON HERDSON TROPHY

1992 ???

1994 Circle 36 H/C “Dune, Namibia”

1995Circle 36 H/C “Namaskard, Iceland”
Circle 36 H/C “Sand Sculpture”

1996 Circle 36 H/C “Pampas Pattern”
Circle 36 H/C “Tree, Rannoch Moor”

1997 Circle 36 Certificate “Shifting Sands” LEIGHTON HERDSON TROPHY

1999 Circle 36 Certificate “Close-up, sand-stone detail”

2000 Circle 36 H/C  “Shaft of light”

2006 Circle 36 Certificate “Aspens near Vernal”

2007 ???

2008 Circle 36 Certificate “Lonely journey” LEIGHTON HERDSON  TROPHY  & GLENN VASE

2014 Circle 36 Certificate “Surrounded

It is with sincere regret that we have to announce that Ian Platt MFIAP, FRPS, ESFIAP, Hon PAGB.
                                        passed away peacefully on Sunday 4th October 2020
Ian Platt, a legend in the photographic world, and a member of UPP for 58 years, sadly died on 4th October, aged 87.

He was the first in the UK to gain the MFIAP distinction which was in addition to his FRPS and APSA, and was recognised for his distinguished service to the PAGB and FIAP: he was a former President of the PAGB and a life Vice-President.

He Joined UPP Circle 9 (small prints) on 1st March 1962, and in late 1963 he formed Circle 36 (colour slides).  He was Circle Secretary until October 1969, and again from 1995 until shortly before he died – a total of 57 years in the Circle and 31 years as secretary. In November 1968 re-formed Circle 24 (Creative colour slides) and was Secretary of that Circle from 1968 until January 1976, and from August 1984 to October 1985.

In addition to those Circles, he was also at various times a member of Circles 33, 11, 8, 25, Anglo/US and Anglo/Australian: a total of 9 Circles, sometimes 4 at once.

From 1973 to 1979 he was editor of “The Little Man”, and was Vice-President 1974 to 1988. He was a prestigious contributor to “The Little Man” right up to 2020.

In the UPP gold label awards, he won the Leighton Herdson Trophy 4 times and received 12 Circle Certificates and 19 H/C’s, his last being in 2014.

Ian Platt winning pictures

Between 1968 and 2014, Ian won the Leighton Herdson Trophy 4 times, the Glenn Vase once, 12 Circle Certificates and  19 H/C’s, principally for Circle 36 but also for Circles 8, Circle A/US  and Circle Anglo/Australian
See a full obituary here.
We are sorry to have to inform you that the following members have also recently passed away.
Our thoughts go out to their family and friends.
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