We are sorry to have to inform you that the following member has recently passed away.
Our thoughts go out to their family and friends.
                                                                               Jim Haydock

Jim sadly passed away over the weekend of 19/20 August 2023. He was an active member of Circle 7/17/21 of which he formerly belonged to Circle 7.

He joined UPP in June 1974 and so was a member for 49 years, sadly just missing out on his 50 year certificate. He won the Small print Trophy in 1988 for Circle 7 with his print ‘Stepping Stones’

Jim had no immediate family, his wife having died many years ago, he lived on his own and was very independent. He used to work at Leyland Motors.

We understand that he enjoyed taking part in the Circle and was a keen gardener, often entering images of flowers from his garden in the Folio, as he found it hard to get out much, he found driving difficult due to his bad knees.

Jim had suffered from ill health more recently.
In Memoriam
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