If you are interested in joining UPP as a member of a circle, the following circles have positions available.

Please contact the Membership Secretary:-

Circle 2/25        A4 Mounted Print Colour/Mono

Circle 3/14/74   A4 Print Colour/Mono

Circle 4/26        A3 Mounted Print Colour/Mono

Circle 5             A3 Print Mono, Darkroom & Digital

Circle 7/17/21   7x5 Print Colour/Mono, Darkroom & Digital

Circle 9             7x5 Mounted Print Colour/Mono

Circle 10           16"x 12" Mounted Mono, Darkroom Only

Circle 12           A4 & A3 Light Mount or Un-mounted Colour/Mono

Circle 31/32      PDI Colour/Mono, Memory Stick via Post

Circle 45           PDI Colour/Mono Natural History, via Dropbox

Circle 52           Audio Visual, Quarterly Folios

Circle 61           PDI Colour/Mono Online via Dropbox

Circle 62           PDI Colour/Mono Online via Email

Circle 73           A4 Print Colour/Mono

Circle 81           PDI Colour/Mono (Mobile Phone or Tablet Images Only) via Dropbox

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Zoom Circle CZ4

Zoom Circle CZ5 IR

Zoom Circle CZ6

Zoom Circle CZ8 Panel

Zoom Circle CZ9 Panel

Zoom Circle CZ10 Mono

Zoom Circle CZ11 Mono
Membership Information