If you are interested in joining UPP as a member of a circle, the following circles have positions available.

Please contact the Membership Secretary:- 
Membership Secretary

Circle 2/25        A4 Mounted Print Colour/Mono

Circle 3             A4 Print Colour/Mono

Circle 4/26        A3 Mounted Print Colour/Mono

Circle 7/17/21   7x5 Print Colour/Mono, Darkroom & Digital

Circle 9             7x5 Mounted Print Colour/Mono

Circle 10           16"x 12" Mounted Mono, Darkroom Only

Circle 12           A3 Mounted Mainly Mono

Circle 31/32      PDI Colour/Mono, Memory Stick via Post

Circle 45           PDI Colour/Mono Natural History, via Dropbox

Circle 46           PDI Colour/Mono Natural History, via Dropbox

Circle 52           Audio Visual, Quarterly Folios

Circle 60           PDI Colour/Mono Online via Dropbox

Circle 61           PDI Colour/Mono Online via Dropbox

Circle 62           PDI Colour/Mono Online via Email

Circle 64           PDI Colour/Mono Online via Email

Circle 71           A4 Un-mounted Print Colour/Mono

Circle 73           A4 Print Colour/Mono

In January 2021 we introduced five new zoom circles they have their own way of operating, with a restricted maximum number of twelve members in each zoom circle.
Within a couple of months as interest increased, we added two more circles both related to infrared photography meeting the demand. This led to adding two monochrome circles and two further circles for small panels of work.
We now have eleven Zoom Circles.

Contact the Membership Secretary for more information.

There places available in the following:-

Z1 meets on the 3rd Friday 7:30pm.

Z4 meets on last Wednesday at 7:00pm. 

Z5 Infrared on 2nd Friday at 7:30. 

Z7 Infrared on 4
th  Wednesday at 7:30. 

Z9 Panels on 1st Thursday at 10:30am. 

Z10 Mono meets 3rd Tuesday at 7.30pm.

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United Photographic Postfolios. Thus allowing storage of your email address for future contact.

Thank you for your interest in UPP
Membership Information