We were delighted to learn that the PAGB has awarded the J S Lancaster Medal to Peter Young for his exceptional service to the PAGB: this carries automatic upgrading of the APAGB distinction to Hon PAGB.
Instituted in 1998 there have only been 32 recipients  of this award. Others from UPP have been: Jane Black, John Long, Don Langford, Ian Platt and Leo Rich.
In his acceptance speech at the 2021 AGM of the PAGB he said it was an honour to receive the award – and he couldn’t have done what he has without the help of his wife, Jill.
Peter has been on the PAGB Executive for 19 years, and is currently Honorary Treasurer of the PAGB, as well as chairman of the APAGB awards committee.
He joined UPP in 1998 and has been Secretary of Circle 10 since 2010. He has also been in Circle 4. He now lives in south Wales, but he previously lived in Bromsgrove, Worcester, and in the early years of the Convention being held at Hillscourt he organised photographic trips in the West Midlands for the Sunday mornings.
C.29 member Chris Aldred sent me this link – very interesting.

Thought you might like to see it
In January 2021 we introduced five new circles. These new circles are to be called Zoom circles and will have their own way of operating, with a restricted maximum number of twelve in each of these zoom circles.

A few months later as interest increased, we added two more circles to take the number up to seven which also now includes two infrared circles.

Since then an idea was raised of having a couple more circles "Panels and Monochrome".

If you are interested in joining one of these circles please contact the membership secretary or the relevant Zoom secretary. There are places free in the two Infrared Zoom Circles if you are interested as there are in some of the others, plus of course the new pannel and monochrome circles.

Membership Secretary
Interested in joining a zoom circle?
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