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Francis Ouvry LRPS
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Welcome to the official website of United Photographic Postfolios of Great Britain – “UPP”. We have been in existence since 1931 as an entirely postal group (now including “on-line”), hence our slightly unusual name. Our motto of “the club that comes to you” became even more relevant when the Covid 19 restrictions were introduced last year: with travel and normal club meetings banned, UPP continued to “meet” at least on-line if not always by post.  Sadly in 2020 we did have to cancel our normal week-end Convention, held annually just outside Birmingham when we meet in person as a Club, comprising the AGM, Exhibition, lectures and semi-formal dinner.

We have over 200 members from all over Great Britain (and beyond), many of whom have been members for over 40 years, but we operate in “Circles” of up to 15. Most are “open” or general interest but there are specialised Circles for such as Natural History, monochrome, AV and pictures from mobile phones. Some Circles are for prints which can be digital or negative, light-room, dark-room or trade-processed, mostly up to A4 or A3 size but there are also “small print” Circles for A5 or 12 square inches.  Several Circles now operate entirely on-line.

One positive outcome of the restrictions was the idea of setting up Circles to meet by Zoom. These have taken off spectacularly, with 6 Zoom Circles up and running within the first 3 months of 2021. While they are not for everyone, their popularity suggests they will be a permanent feature continuing after lock-down.
As a club, we also keep in touch by posting out a well-illustrated magazine twice a year.

We operate by circulating prints or PDI’s once a month (AV’s quarterly) by post, or on-line (saving the postage). When a folio arrives, you have a few days to add an image and comment on everyone else’s images: in turn you see others’ comments on your own pictures. The Zoom Circles, of course, are slightly different and comments and discussions take place in a Zoom meeting once a month.

The 12 best pictures from each Circle go to the annual Exhibition and are independently judged for the various awards: most Circles have a voting system to determine their entry.There is also a “social” element in the Circles and “non-contact” members are able to chat in a “notebook” or ask questions about anything photographic – someone is sure to know the answer – and many lifetime friendships are made.

Members range from the distinguished and very experienced to those wanting to learn.  Everyone takes part on an equal basis and it is an excellent forum for developing your photographic skills, in both picture-taking and assessment, whatever your level of experience. While for some it is still their only Club as they can’t get to a local club (hence our logo of the “Little Man” on his/her own) for many it is also an ideal addition to membership of a conventional club, providing an opportunity to “try out” pictures before entering them in the local club. Critiques are in more depth and broader than from a single judge or from social media such as Facebook and Flikr.

Please see elsewhere on this site for other details, including members’ pictures and an application form.

Francis Ouvry LRPS
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