If you would like to:

Make new photographic friends throughout the UK.

Share your skills and receive free hints and tips via a monthly notebook or join one of our Zoom Circles.

Receive a twice yearly Club Magazine.

Receive constructive comments on your pictures and make comments on the work of others which helps to develop your personal photography and print appreciation.

Participate in regular monthly competition, where every entrant plays an equal and active role.

Receive photographs to view and enjoy every month which means you could have over 150 new images delivered to your door every year.

Then why not join UPP?

Full membership currently costs £23 per year.

If joining after 31st March it is just £11.50 until subs are renewed in September.

Consider your costs of a normal club - membership, fuel, tea and coffee.

In addition, if you wish to join more Circles there is a one off cost of £4 with the 3rd and subsequent ones being FOC. There is no limit on the number of circles you can join, so you could, for example, be a member of both a print and a digital circle.

To find out more use the Contact Form to send an e-mail to our Secretary. Download an Application Form which, once downloaded to your computer, can be filled in and sent by post or e-mailed. Details are included on the form. Plus here is a form for existing members how wish to join another circle Existing Members Application Form.

Data Protection Policy Statement:

The Data Protection Act 2018, which incorporates the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that replaces the 1998 Data Control Regulations is designed for the protection of personal data and preventing it being accessed or used inappropriately, has been embraced by this Club.

Information held by the Club is limited to that provided by members when joining the Club and as up-dated from time to time, together with such contact and membership history that is necessary to allow the efficient running of the Club.

Members’ personal data collected by the Club are stored electronically in encrypted form and are only made available to Club Officials to the extent that is necessary for the performance of their duties.

Members may request that any inaccuracies found in their personal data be corrected without undue delay.

Members may request that their personal data be removed from the Club database at any time, even though such a request will mean that they will no longer be able to participate in Club activities. Upon receipt of such a request the member’s data will be removed without undue delay. The member's name and Circle membership details will be retained for historical purposes only. This will be held on a separate, historical membership database maintained by the Membership Secretary.

The Club will not provide other organisations or individuals with any names or other details of members from the information it holds.
Members are instructed that any personal information of other members is provided to them only for the purposes of operating their Circle(s) and must not be shared for any other reason.

Ray Grace
General Secretary
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